Kailey Hays (kungfulego) wrote in hip_hot_stuff,
Kailey Hays

★Name: Kailey Hays yo
★Birthday and Age:6/28/89 I am 14 foo
★A few bands you listen to: Um The Blood Brothers, The Agony Scene, Daughters, Led Zepplin, Misfits, Bily Idol, Blue Oyster Cult, As the Sun Sets, Queen, Circle Takes the Square, Le Tigre, ok I'm done right now.
★How you describe your style: Tight pants and a bright jacker, that's all you need to know
★Why you think you are hip hot stuff: Hell if I know
★Reason for joining:Who doesn't want to be part of Hip hot stuff?
★3 or more pictures behind a lj cut:

I just realized that I should stop biting my lip.
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