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Hip Hot Stuff

Think you are hip hot stuff? Come in and try your luck.

Right after you join you must post:
★Birthday and Age:
★A few bands you listen to:
★How you describe your style:
★Why you think you are hip hot stuff:
★Reason for joining:
★3 or more pictures behind a lj cut:

People will give you a score of 1-10. 10 being highest 1 being lowest. If you have an average over 5 you will be accepted!


If you are accepted you get:

And if you are rejected you get:

Once you are accpeted you can post pictures and stuff. No surveys, quizes, or what you did today kind of stuff. That belongs in your journal! Also try not to be extremely mean. Some meanness is fun. But lets keep most of it nice.
Remember its for girls and boys, and have fun!

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violentcoma Whitney